Razzamataz 2017- Beginning the design process- 16th-17th March.

We were commissioned by Razzamataz theatre school to design for their summer 2017 show. The show we are producing items for is called “Made in the USA”. The show will feature a series of “mini musicals”.  Selecting key scenes and musical numbers from a group of iconic American musicals the cast (made of up children age 4-14 as well as a senior group age 15- 18) will perform 6 shows over the course of summer 2017. With a budget of £800 we were asked to provide key props and costumes for a number of shows:

  • The Wiz – Costume for The Lion, Th
  • School of Rock
  • Shrek the musical
  • Legally Blonde
  • Little shop of Horrors

16th March- To begin the project we attended an initial meeting with Hayley Limpkin, the Principal of Razzamataz theatre school. Hayley expanded on the initial brief we were provided with, describing what she specifically wants/needs from each costume/prop, both functionally and aesthetically. We posed any questions we had for Hayley, discussing issues such as how the performers will be using the props, how they will be moved on and off stage (all props will be moved by performers themselves between scenes) and what aesthetic she wants for each musical specifically (for instance, we established that their production of the wiz will be an “edgier” more modern take, their Dorothy will be dressed in Doc Martens and a tartan skirt and the other The Wiz characters will have to reflect this). We also put forward some very early initial ideas.

17th March -We began the design process with a round table meeting where we shared initial thoughts and ideas. We primarily focused on costume in this process as we felt these were the most design heavy elements of the brief. We discussed our concepts for each of the characters from the Wiz, taking on board Hayleys ideas as well as putting forward our own and discussing the pros and cons of each. During this meeting I did some initial rough sketches, making changes as we developed our ideas. We also began to figure out what needed to be constructed and what needed to be sourced, and once this was established we could begin to establish some initial costings, thinking about how we may split up our budget. We agreed to go away over the weekend and develop our individual designs and on reconvene on Monday for another meeting where we would put forward our proposals and decide which designs we would use going forward, specifically for our second meeting with Hayley Limpkin on the 23rd of March.


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