Context Document

We were commissioned by Razzamataz theatre school to design for their summer 2017 show. Established in 2000 by dancer, choreographer and experienced performer Denise Hutton-Gosney Razzamataz theatre schools are a respected establishment across the nation, teaching young people age 2-18 skill in the art of performance. We will be interacting with the Medway branch of Razzamataz dealing largely with the schools Principal Hayley Limpkin who will brief us on the requirement of the project and then check in throughout the project to help coordinate, approve decisions and to see our progression.

The team members that will be working on design are:

  • Hannah Finnegan
  • Emma Howlett
  • Megan Cleasby
  • Conor Eastwood
  • Amy Spencer
  • Kerry Shaw
  • Lisa Marchioli

This team will all carry over to the making team which will also include

  • Hollie Elwin
  • Catherine Butterworth
  • Jodie Searle



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