Razzamataz- Prop Design Little Shop of Horrors/ Newsies

I designed a few prop design for various items we had been commissioned to produce for this project. Below is my design for a 1960s/70s/80s inspired camera. I have combined elements of this era to create piece that will be easily recognisable as an iconic vintage camera from the audience. My piece will also include a large functioning prop flash as requested by Hayley which I plan to achieve by inserting a small torch or bicycle light with a strobe into a fake flash. The camera and flash I will create using a cardboard base and paper mâché.


As a group we all decided to individually design an Audrey 2 sign and then decide on a design/elements of some designs to use in the final creation and this was my contribution to that. I tried to maintain the classic and iconic LSOH aesthetic while still thinking outside of the box. I didn’t want to simply design a simple rectangle sign and so I created this large arrow with a flashing bulb design that I feel would be striking to an audience.


This is my design for the trash cans that will be used for little shop of horrors and newsies. I believe the best course of action for these bins would be to source them new and distress them ourselves, creating indents with a heat gun or hammer as well as using scenic art techniques to create and aged metal rusted effect. I think we could also achieve the glowing fire effect Hayley wanted by overlaying acetate over a bright battery power light place in the bin itself.


This is my concept for the flowers to be used for L.S.O.H. We wanted to add a quirky aesthetic as well as new narrative element by having the flowers growing from quirky items such as tin cans and teapots. Obviously as its for a stage show real perishable flowers can not be used and so an alternative must be found. Fabric flowers would be striking, using bright bold fabrics like felt and organza, and some larger pieces could be created using paper mâché.




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