Razzamataz 2017- The Wiz- Designing the Scarecrow

I began my process of designing the scarecrow in our initial design meeting on 17/3/2017. During this meeting we discussed our ideas for the scarecrow, for instance that he might have a mohawk made of straw. We wanted to provide the edgy aesthetic that Hayley expressed she would like for the show, and so I came up with the idea of a punk scarecrow. We agreed on denim dungarees, and the idea of colourful patches was proposed. I thought to give it more of a punk aesthetic some hand painted punk style patches (of narratively relevant things, for instance an ear of corn or a brain, painted stencil style) with black patches and metallic designs would be more effective. I wanted to integrate some form of metallics into each of the Wiz designs. I also liked the idea of him wearing a striped jumper, inspired by 90s grunge icon Kurt Cobain, I feel this makes the decision to have him in dungarees make more sense, it gives them a grungey 90s context, which brings it away from the obvious “farmer” look theyre associated with, I felt this was important as The Wiz is supposed to be set in a topsy turvy New York city, and the characters should reflect this urban environment, I knew it was important not to design this piece as if it was the traditional Wizard of Oz. The jumper would be long sleeve, tied at the end with rope, and with straw poking out to create the illusion of him being stuffed with straw.

Screenshot 2017-03-20 21.48.26.png
Mood board I created to illustrate my Scarecrow concept.
Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.36.38 PM.png
Scarecrow Mohawk Headpiece

One of the key elements when it comes to the scarecrow costume was the headpiece. Once we had agreed that we wanted to create the illusion of a straw mohawk I began to consider how we might make this a reality. This Initial sketch was my first concept for the headpiece. I wanted to create burlap balaclava style hood, with a straw effect mohawk that appeared to burst out of the burlap.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.36.22 PMThis is my final scarecrow design which we have ultimately decided to go ahead with as our final concept. It has been presented in a meeting with Hayley and she is very pleased, I will now be focused on making this piece a physical reality.


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