30th March- Maidstone TV Studios

For one of the live projects our course was tasked with creating a television set for a multi camera game show “The Big Movie Quiz” being produced by UCA Maidstone’s Television Production course and being filmed at Maidstone Television Studios.  This project began with an initial brief at UCA Maidstone with Joshua Jones and Rebecca Bennett, two of the students responsible for creating the show. We were briefed on the aesthetic they were aiming to achieve, a glitzy old hollywood inspired set with a primarily gold and red colour scheme.

At this point I opted to leave the project, I felt that the Razzmataz project would be a more appropriate fit for me as my area of interest is largely Props and Costume rather than Set Design. And so I opted to move away from the project during the design process and help out with making the physical set should they need me, as the deadline was tight I wanted to work as an extra pair of hands making the set into reality. And so on the 30th of March I stopped work on Razzamataz to help out on production.

I spent the morning working on the art deco style panelled trellises as well as some other large pieces required for assembly. I sawed the support beams for these pieces so they would not be visible when the top panel was attached I then I primed them using white emulsion. I then carefully painted the inside elements of the laser cut design black as I was asked to by the design team. These pieces were then painted gold and covered in gold leaf to create a striking and glamorous look



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