March 31st- Maidstone Day 2

Today I spent another day away from Razzamataz to work on the Maidstone television studios. I was tasked with sorting through the wooden laser cutting offcuts for the trellises I had previously worked on, organising them by shape and reassembling any pieces that had been broken in the laser cutting process using gorilla glue. This was a long job as there was a vast amount of pieces to sort through and I was working alone however once it was completed I began to prime the pieces. Again this took a vast amount of time as a I was the only one assigned to this task for the majority of the day however getting a large group of shapes primed and ready was a really satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Once the pieces were primed they were painted gold as a finishing touch to correspond with the sets decor.  These pieces will be used to add topical details to the sets final design, being assembled into an inverse version of the art deco design used elsewhere.


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