Razzamataz- Creating the Camera- 30th March, 5th April, 6th April

After spending the morning working on maidstone I moved over to Razzamataz where the team had begun creating prop cameras for little shop of horrors. We had established with Hayley that she wanted four cameras for a paparazzi scene, preferably with a functional flashing light feature. We opted to spilt the duty of creating the cameras four ways, with myself, Emma, Kerry and Lisa each producing one.

I did some quick research on cameras from the 1960s ,70s and 80s to try and find a design I felt would be effective. I collected some reference images to refer back to as I crafted my piece.

I spent the afternoon creating the base of the camera by creating my design on cardboard, precisely cutting each element with a scalpel and then assembling with hot glue to create a sturdy base onto which I would Paper mâché.

While creating her camera Lisa had the idea of using a lightbulb to emulate a camera lens and had purchased some to test this concept. However we were unsure as to the safety of this, as having a glass object in a prop that would be used by children could lead to some health and safety issues should the props be dropped etc. As a group we decided it was best to test this before they were used in anyones pieces and so me and Emma conducted a quick test by dropping one of the bulbs on to cement flooring. Instantly the bulb smashed to pieces and our concerns were confirmed, it was decided they were not appropriate and a safer alternative should be found.

Over the course of the 5th and 6th of april I continued creating my camera. This process consisted of using layers of paper mâché to add structure to the camera.

I added topical details to the piece such as a viewfinder, a button and depth in the lens. Once I had completed the paper mâché I left the piece to dry overnight so that I had a solid base on which to paint. I then painted the piece up in black emulsion as an all over cover for the newspaper before adding some detailing with grey and silver paints.

At a later date in the project once the method in  I will complete this piece by constructing and adding a functioning flash.


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