26th April- Sourcing items

I began the day by consulting with the group to establish what items still needed to be sourced and what was the priority. Once we had compiled a list I took the remainder of the float money we had been given by Fiona into Chatham to try and find some suitable items. I think the budget was quite unclear at this point, with some group members overspending on certain items and not being full transparent about the state of the remaining budget. This made sourcing items quite difficult as I struggled to get a straight answer as to how much I should aim to spend on each item. As I result of this I decided the best course of action was to browse charity shops and low cost high street shops for inexpensive pieces that still fit our requirements.

I began by looking for jeans that could be used for the tin man. I was referring both to my tin man design and the mood boards of reference images I had collected. I found this pair of grey jeans in Primark and the industrial detailing of them felt very similar to one of the original images I had been inspired by when designing my tin man and so I purchased them. They were well received by the group and I think one they are customised with silver paint they will be very striking.

I then began to look for items for the Scarecrow. Despite looking throughout Rochester and Chatham and I could not find a pair of denim dungarees and so I concluded these had to be sourced online. I also searched for a striped shirt but struggled to find one suitable, however a plaid shirt in the correct size was found and as it still fit my “punk” concept I thought this would be appropriate. As per my design the shirt was dyed a deep green, with the plaid design still being visible through I think this was a very effective choice.

Finally I had been asked to source a pair of tweed trousers for Shreks costume. I had been told that £15 and under was budgeted for this item but as with the other items by looking in charity shops I managed to save the budget by finding them for £6.50. We initially found a pair of checked trousers but after consulting with the group via the group chat we concluded that we should aim for more earth tones. After browsing a couple more shops we found a pair of tweed effect womens trousers that were exactly perfect for the design.



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