Razzamataz- Scarecrow Tests. 28th April/2nd May

28th April- I began to test how I might create my scarecrows headpiece. Due to allergy issues real straw could not be used and so we considered the possibility of using shredded paper. I located a paper shredder within Uni which we could use to to create our hay. However after shredding a test piece it became apparent that this would not work as the paper was shredded into small scraps rather than the long strips which we needed and so an alternative would have to be found.

The paper shredder

2nd May- I began to research balaclava construction as well as calculating an average head circumference for a child age 6-8 as I had not been provided with these measurements. While I was unsure as to how I wanted the piece to fit and so I thought the best thing was create a quick test version so that I could understand the design in a physical way. I was quite pleased with the end result of this hood however I felt for my final product I wanted a looser fit to emulate a scarecrow hood which should appear loose and stuffed, then secured with string. When creating my final design I will alter my pattern to extend the neck area so it will fit the performer more comfortably and achieve the loose look i’m aiming for. I also felt that the burlap purchased by some of the group was too tightly woven for this piece. It was stiffer than I was anticipating and so my final piece I will use a more movable hessian which I have sourced freely and so did not unnecessary waste the budget.

I was also responsible for sourcing the scarecrows costume and had already attempted source the dungarees locally to no avail. And so I looked into dungarees online, being told I should attempt to spend around £15 by the budget coordinator. I had previously managed to find a perfect pair for £20 which since other than the dungarees the scarecrow costume only cost £2.50 I thought would be fine as they are the primary element of the design. I also considered the amount spent bringing other peoples designs to life eg £50 on hair to create a wig for the lion. I was told these dungarees would be ordered over the weekend however when I asked on monday I was told that it had been decided they were “too expensive” and they were planning to purchase a pair of jeans and then attempting to find a similar denim from which to attach a panel, creating a dungaree effect. We had previously discussed this as a last resort in the event we could not source dungarees however I felt that this would take more time and wouldnt achieve what I had envisioned when I designed the costume,and would ultimately not even save much of the budget. This is one of many cases in this project where other people took it upon themselves to make decisions without consulting me, even when it directly affected my work. I found an alternate pair which for £5 which (being significantly under budget yet again) I was approved to purchase, however because of the delay created by the lack of communication the estimated delivery date was past our deadline. To combat this I corresponded with the ebay seller and after a brief interaction she agreed to post them first class rather than economy so they would arrive with plenty of time to spare for the distressing process.

Screenshot 2017-05-15 15.21.09.png

Screenshot 2017-05-15 15.22.18.png

Screenshot 2017-05-03 01.12.08.png



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