Razzamataz- 9th May

Many of the items that had been purchased for Razzamataz remained to be distressed and so on the morning of the 9th I began by distressing the metal ladder we had purchased for the little of shop of horrors. This process began by denting and scratching the metal using a mallet and hammer.

The using black emulsion and brown painting I created an aged and rusted effect on the metal through a process of applying the paint in key areas then lightly dabbing/wiping it away. This effect was very effective and the ladder was transformed, I also dulled down the blue plastic elements of the ladder so they corresponded more with the earthy colour palette we had been asked to achieve for LSOH.

I think the transformation of this ladder was significant and i’m very pleased with it, I think details like this will really bring the performances to life and help create a more immersive experience for the audience.

I then moved on from the ladder to help Emma distressing the metallic trash cans we purchased to be used in newsies and Little shop of horrors. This process was much the same as the ladder, the bins were distressed using a hammer and mallet to create indentations. Because these props were not being stood on by any performers we could afford to be more dramatic in this processing without risking a health and safety issue.

After the trash cans had been distressed physically the painting process began which again was largely a more theatrical version of the process I had used on the ladder, applying black emulsion (to ensure fireproofing) with a sponge as well as an ochre emulsion for rust detailing. Once this was drying we went in with some copper finish to add rust patches that added dimension and would be picked up effectively by the lighting on stage. We had been planning to glaze these pieces once they were finish to seal in the paint however when we tested this on a small patch painted within the bin lids we found that it smudges the paint and effects the design and so we decided against it.

Haley had also suggested the idea of having a glowing light effect in the bins to emulate a trash can fire. To achieve this Emma had purchased some LED Battery operated lights and we purchased some sheets of with coloured acetate to overlay onto them and achieve a fiery glow. However we were concerned as to the strength of the light and whether it was bright enough to be visible from stage and so we decided to test this concept. We began by placing the lights into the base of the bin however it quickly became apparent that (as we suspected) they were not at all visible. For the purposes of the test we balanced the lights on the two containers within the bin to see how visible they appeared when they were closer to the opening of the bin. We overlayed orange red and yellow acetate to create various colour effects, however it became apparent the lights were not bright enough and would not be visible when on stage and so it was decided they would be returned for a refund and this element would not be included in the design.


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