Razzamataz- 10th of May

Since the dungarees had arrived a couple of days previous and I had completed the scarecrow headpiece I decided to begin the process of distressing the dungarees. As per my design I want a rugged distressed ripped effect on the legs of the dungarees. This not only makes sense for a scarecrow design but is also appropriate for the punk theming I have established in my design. As ripped jeans are very on trend right now I think this is also fitting for the modern edgy design Hayley had asked us to achieve.

I began this distressing process by using a stanley knife to slice into the denim, creating small slits. I then used sandpaper over these marks to create a rugged and natural distressed effect. I did this in certain strategic areas to achieve the effect I wanted. I then began to add the hay bursts. Using the straw I had previously created for the mohican I assembled a burst of hay which I hot glued together using a cloth as a backing to ensure it was comfortable for a perform and not scratching his legs. I then put a slit in the denim and positioned the hay which I secured with hot glue.

I also began to create the stencilled patches that I would sew onto the dungarees, the designs I had elected to go forward with were an ear of corn and a pumpkin (both rural scarecrow references as well as references to punk and metal bands Korn and The smashing pumpkins, a small but fun topical detail in keeping with my punk design) as well as the word OZ in green bold stencilled letters. I had also considered a crow but I thought these designs were bolder graphically and would be more effective when viewed on stage. I drew my designs free hand before cutting the stencils out with a scalpel, then on patched of black fabric I lightly dabbed over my stencil acrylic paint to create my design. I found that designs came out a little wonky at times due to paint running beneath the stencil however this was easily rectified with some quick touch ups of black paint.


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