Razzamataz- 11th May

I began the day by offering to paint the shelving and coat stand for the little shop of horrors. We had bought a wooden shelving unit to which we attached wheels so it could easily be moved on and off stage by performers as the nature of the show requires quick set changes. Once assembled the shelving unit was primed with black emulsion as a base. I moved this shelving unit along side the coat stand Conor had constructed to the spray room to begin the spray painting process. Using silver spray paint I strategically coloured certain areas using various intensities of paint to create the illusion that the wooden shelving was in fact metallic, I then repeated this process on the coat stand.

As the day continued I worked on the Camera props. I had the three cameras that had been created by the group as well as my own. The pieces had already been painted and so I just went over certain areas to neaten up some of the paintwork before glazing them to seal the paint and add a gloss plastic effect finish. I also added a plastic detailing to the lenses as a substitute to the original bulb plan that we established through testing was not safe.

Once this process was complete it was time to assemble the camera flashes. Emma had already begun this process by creating paper mâché curved discs in which the the flashes will sit. We had purchased some bicycle lights with a soft strobe feature to emulate the flash of a real camera. Because the lights are designed for bicycles the strobe is not too intense as to pose a health and safety risk to those with sensitivity to flashing lights (however we did discuss this with Hayley and their will be a disclaimer from the any members of the audience with light sensitivity disorders or epilepsy for the show happening regardless) We began by priming the disks with black emulsion and spray painting them silver. I also covered the light of the bicycle lights and sprayed the exterior silver so they blended well into the prop.

Once all of these elements were completed it came time to assemble the prop, I crafted various cardboard hyperrectangles on which to attach the flashes which i primed with black emulsion to mimick the cameras themselves, I then assembled the flashes using hot glue before attaching them to the cameras in the same way to complete the pieces. Im very please with how these turned out, the effect of them all flashing together is very effective and aesthetically exactly what I was hoping to achieve.


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