Razzamataz- 12th May

Today was our official making deadline and so it with a meeting to Hayley at 9am to present our nearly completed pieces ready for a costume fitting on the 13th. We talked her through the props and costumes explaining any functional details she needed to know and she was very pleased with the final outcome of everything which everyone was happy to hear. I also attended a meeting on the topic of cultural appropriation within the lion wig that had been produced by other team members. I think its very important to be aware of cultural sensitivity as designers and I found the meeting very informative and a good way to air our queries and concerns with how issues like this are addressed and handled within the course and I was pleased to be able to give my opinion in an honest and open way as was everyone else I think. I couldn’t be more glad to see the design changed and the situation rectified, i’m pleased to see an apology given and I hope the other raz group members, specifically those who designed/created the wig who it seemed felt quite personally upset at the situation have been able to use this as a learning experience and an opportunity as grow as designers and people as I know I have.

As the day continued I used this time as an opportunity to complete the finishing touches on the scarecrow, using the same methods as I previously described I did a little more distressing before I began to attach the punk style hand painted patches I created. I wasnt too precious when sewing them on so as to emulate the devil may care rockabilly/punk aesthetic I was inspired by, I also painted an extra patch, (a star inspired by sailor jerry tattoos and an iconic punk symbol that still felt appropriate for a children’s production) as I felt one of the legs appeared quite empty and I wanted a balanced design.

Emma also completed the hood lining for the scarecrow head piece this afternoon. We were in debate whether to do this but ultimately decided using a lightweight mesh material was a good idea to prevent discomfort for the actor as the harsh burlap could be quite uncomfortable to wear for prolonged time periods. However as the hood was unpicked to add the lining we found that some of the edges had frayed and so the bottom had gotten slightly smaller, still not being totally sure of the performers size I elected to leave the bottom of the hood undone to create a wrap effect so as not to risk the piece not fitting as the fitting tomorrow. We also faced some issues with the lining bunching and disrupting the shape of the hood but this was quickly fixed as we simply unpicked some of the bottom stitching to create a less rigid interior. Finally I ensured the headband was securely fastened and fit through the lining in the correct position to sit comfortably on an actors head.



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