Razzamataz 2017- The Wiz- Designing the Tin Man

When Hayley explained to us that she wanted an edgier and cooler aesthetic for this tin man, perhaps with aviators I began thinking of a metallic leather jacket and perhaps spiked metal mohawk. However as we discussed this more it was agreed a straw mohawk for the scarecrow was a more interesting design. I also brainstormed the idea of creating a hat from an oil can or funnel, as well as incorporating the snap back Hayley had suggested in the meeting.

As I developed my idea privately after our initial meeting I looked more at the idea of creating a metallic jacket preferably a biker style leather jacket, and replicating the look of dripping rust and oxidisation to provide an more varied colour scheme. We had also discussed the idea of metallic jeans with Hayley and she responded well and so I tried to incorporate them into my design. The big question in my mind was what to put under the jacket that would give the costume another interesting element rather than just a tshirt. I came up with the idea of creating a cog design for him which would be attached to a shirt underneath the jacket to create the illusion of mechanical innards and to add new realm of dimension and texture to an otherwise simple design.

Screenshot 2017-05-16 00.07.28.png
The mood board I used to illustrate my Tin Man concept.


This was my final tin man design which we have ultimately decided to go ahead with as our final concept. It has been presented in a meeting with Hayley and she is pleased, I will now be focused on making this piece a physical reality.


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